California Mayors Coalition

The California Mayors Coalition (“CMC”) is an informal organization of California Mayors speaking to the critical economic and local issues facing cities in California.  Our goal is to ensure that all cities, including the more than 400 cities with less than 300,000 residents where the majority of California residents reside, are included in discussions and decisions on issues impacting our residents and businesses.

The focus of the CMC is to ensure that federal and state decisions are made with input from cities of different sizes and considers the varying needs of those cities.  CMC also serves as a forum where we can share best practices of member cities.  In order to achieve these goals, CMC will advocate with officials at the federal and state level, provide opportunities for mayors and state officials to engage with one another, and meet as a group to share ideas and collaborate on solutions to common challenges.

Founded in 2020 by Jennifer Fitzgerald, former Mayor, City of Fullerton,  to address issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CMC has expanded its focus to include a range of issues impacting cities in the Golden State.  Members include founding and current mayors from cities throughout California.